Who is Eva?

Personal Companionship | Virtual Assistant | Life Coach | Confidant

My name is Eva (EE-V-AH)

 23-year-old pre-dental student, total babe, event hostess, and a jet-set independent muse based in Edmonton, available internationally. 

Since day one, I've been working tirelessly in order to provide an authentic brand that I am proud of. I strive for both of us to have a comfortable environment to explore, and keep making your experience even better than the last.


I am described as down to earth, and truly refreshing from materials, with looks that are ultimately satisfying. It really couldn't get any better. I am exceptionally mature for my age, or as some have said, an old soul.

 I am that someone who understands the power of a touch, connection, and all that it can achieve. Pampering is what I prefer. I furthermore adore hosting fun adult-themed events with my friends and maintaining bonafide company. On a more private side, I desire meaningful and intellectually stimulating discussions and hopefully assembling a long-term, mutually beneficial bond that enables enjoyment, happiness, and relaxation. I love coffee, tea, wine, champagne. I am a total foodie, but have allergies to sesame and nuts. 


If you need more than my photos to entice you, I will admit  I am a 5’2 petite, 105 lb beloved beauty. The few lucky people I see are incredibly picky, and I take great pride in this. I have big round almond brown eyes and long flowing brown hair that reaches my amazingly shape-full curve.   Down my silhouette, you will see my long smooth legs, and further down, my small pretty manicured toes and feet.   I take great pride in my appearance and what goes into my body.


Let your imagination go, think of me in that sundress, those tight jeans and a t-shirt. I can do all different styles as I am a diverse woman.   I do prefer my elegant style, though, you can always let me know what you like! Do not let my innocent girl-next-door looks deceive you; I can be very spontaneous and full of wild ideas. 


I believe that life should be fulfilling; let's live in the moment together. Satisfy the craving with a warm personality and genuine moments. Do not foresee your average cookie-cutter experiences. 



Yours Truly.



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